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Faucet and fixture

Quick Response Plumbing and Heating refers to the system of pipes, fixtures, and other apparatus in a structure that supplies water and removes liquid and waterborne wastes. The foremost role of an integrated plumbing system is to safely deliver and remove water; therefore, fixtures and fittings must conform to strict codes, regulations, and trade standards. Manufacturers of fixtures are also concerned with producing styles that appeal to consumers by reflecting current trends in home decoration.

Most plumbing fixtures and fittings are built for residential use. Primary residential applications include kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and gardens. Fixtures also complement various commercial, industrial, and institutional plumbing systems. Most fixtures and fittings may be divided into one of four groups: traps, tubes, and drains; pipe fittings; faucets and toilets; and shower fixtures. Manufacturing metals used by the industry include copper, brass, bronze, and iron. The largest single service share of the PFF market was for miscellaneous plumbing fixtures and fittings and trims (brass goods) valued.